What’s next for me + Liv Free?

Since the announcement I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what’s next… I mentioned in the first blog post in this series that in 2022 I found myself, learned a lot about myself and others, discovered what I actually want out of life, and identified who I want to be and how I want to show up in this world. These answers didn’t just fall into my lap. They took a lot of self reflection and, quite frankly, just showing up in the complete opposite way than I actually want to. 

Five years ago I started Liv Free Boutique with freedom in mind. Freedom to go where I wanted, do what I wanted, and eventually have financial freedom to do this full time. 

2022 was anything and everything but freedom. Even though I was the owner, I felt I had to answer to vendors and employees 24/7 no matter where I was or what I was doing. I was tied down to a specific location and specific days/hours every week and if an employee didn’t show up, I had to. If I took any time off, even just a day, I was immediately behind on work. I was never fully present at family events, with friends, or during date night because it never failed someone would need something or just choose the absolute worst time to text about something nominal. I felt like a prisoner to my business.

You’re probably thinking, “Alivia, you did this to yourself.” And you’re right… because I had no clue it would be like that.

I want to take time off whenever I want to. I want to work from wherever I want. I want to work whenever I want. I want to be fully present with my family and friends… not worry about if a vendor left the door unlocked again. I want to take my puppies for hikes on Saturdays… not worry if my employee is going to show up. You get the picture. I started this with freedom in mind and that’s what I’m after in 2023.

Personally, I'm also going to be working on continuing to improve my mental health, eating healthy, strengthening my body, and simply just taking care of myself. 

"You are your home. Take care of yourself"

So what’s next? Is Liv Free going away too?

No, Liv Free is very much staying right here. I am going to be working on getting operations back in order after taking about a month off and then we are going to get back into weekly collections! You are going to want to stay tuned 🤍

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